- The new Sweetleaf will be as obsessed with coffee as the first (the scales are here), and will be as relaxed (there's fuss ball). (read more)

- It makes Sweetleaf a rare specimen within coffee, a multi roaster establishment (read more)

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- Sweetleaf Coffee  & Tea, a cozy shop whose proprietors offer a full-bodied brew (read more)



- Single-origin espresso stalwarts Sweetleaf have opened third location with cocktails. (read more)

- Sweetleaf Sweetleaf, the prized Long Island City coffee shop, opened a new location on Kent and North 6th (read more)

- There is a "vinyl room" in the back with a turntable, vintage speakers, and "a lot of rock-and-roll and metal." (read more)

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- Critic's Pick - La Marzocco espresso machine customized with controlled settings that deliver consistently   delicious drinks (read more)

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- Coffee ace Rich Nieto will bring the game-changing La Marzocco Strada EP, the Porsche of espresso machines, to his first Brooklyn outpost (read more)

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- The Sweetleaf empire has expanded to three shops…all serving excellent coffee to nerd-exacting standards (read more)                     

- The level of care is among the highest in NYC-with the level of pretension among the lowest (read more)

- The cafe's added a "rock and roll playroom"… just one more touch in a series of unexpected, great, contributions to this side of the Pulaski Bridge (read more)



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Screen Shot 2013-11-03 at 1.01.10 AM.png

 - "This was not only my favorite shot of the year, but likely that I've ever had" - Favorite Espresso of the Year (read more)



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paper logo.jpg

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- …where classic décor and atmosphere meet the vanguard of coffee technology. (read more)

- Sweetleaf Coffee & Tea opened in 2008… and have held the mantle as the best cafe in Queens ever since. (read more)

- I've said it before, and I'll say it again - Sweetleaf has the best coffee I've had in the borough. (read more)

- Far and away the best spot in 11101. (read more)

- I only wish that where I lived had a Sweetleaf. (read more)

- In truth, Sweetleaf Coffee hits shop excellence on every level. (read more)

- What's cooler than a coffee store named after a Black Sabbath song? (read more)

- The big reason I love Williamsburg is for all the amazing coffee houses on offer, Sweetleaf in particular. (read more)

- The wooden bar is equally suited to downing an espresso or sipping a fine libation. (read more)

- The space is awesome in that rustic-chic kind of way (read more)

- It is, bar none, the best coffee I've had in the borough, and some of the best coffee I've had in NYC. (read more)

- One of the best cups of coffee I had because I managed to taste the complexity and combination of flavors free of milk and sugar. (read more)